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Until a couple of years ago, only dentists could perform teeth whitening treatments. Today, in Canada, all teeth whitening systems (except those containing fluoride) are considered cosmetic products. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, not an invasive dental procedure.

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest cosmetic procedure if done right. Doing it right means using a proper whitening agent (that is, a good hydrogen peroxide gel) and an appropriate whitening accelerator. The most practical accelerator is an LED lamp emitting a cold blue light with a wavelength of 465 nanometers. This wavelength of light is ideal for activating the hydrogen peroxide and accelerating the whitening process.

The procedure is very simple. Hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth. A cold blue light is placed directly in front of the customer’s exposed teeth and runs for 20 minutes per treatment (for a total of 40 minutes). We typically perform 1 to 3 treatments on each customer during the same session and the more treatments are performed the better results you obtain. Great results are obtained with the 2 x 20 minutes sessions and its generally more than enough. 3 x 15 is also available for that Extra White effect, simply because of the 3rd application there is some more penetration. You will NEVER bite into a mouth tray for your whitening sessions at Sundara!  By biting into a tray, the blue light would have zero effect (because it cannot pass through the tray). By applying the gel directly to your teeth, we can use a powerful dental grade hydrogen peroxide gel, this would NOT be possible in a tray based.



2x20 min+1x10 min all done in one session

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