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Powder Brow $250

Powder Brow Semi Permanent Makeup is a great way to create the perfect brows. It is a technique that uses a machine to insert pigment into the skin, creating a soft powdered look. The result is a natural, long-lasting shape that won't need to be filled in or touched up every day.  Book your free consultation today!

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Brow Tint $13 add Threading $5

Our experienced technician uses the art of threading to give you a natural, beautiful look with our brow tint and threading service. Threading allows us to shape and define your brows for a more polished and defined look. Our technician will ensure you leave with beautiful brows that you'll love!

Makeup artist working

Henna Brow $23 includes threading

You’ve probably heard of henna tattooing, but are more than likely thinking of the body art that temporarily stains your skin without the life-long commitment of a permanent tattoo. And while you are right- Henna tattooing has been around since Ancient Egyptian times, used to dye everything from hair, to materials and skin-  we are now talking about it in relation to beauty- and more specifically, brows. Don’t be scared though. It's simply a temporary brow tattoo, but one that results in a natural, fuller brow- sans the fake, stuck on effect that can occur with traditional tattooing. 

Henna Supplies
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